Rigg's Shrine

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Re: Rigg's Shrine

Thantsants wrote:Nice one Paul - bring them along if you have room and I'll see if I can squeeze them in somewhere. I'm assuming you have massive quantities of both? ;)

Hardly massive painted quantities, but a unbalanced force, which shouldn't be ignored, if, it takes the field :shock:

72 lizardmen
2 lizardmen coldone riders
22 troglodytes
28 slann coldone rides
20 palace guard
12 slann with halberds
30 slaves
10 slann blowpipes

I'm not keen to bring them as their part of an half finished army, but if, you've nothing else on offer, say the word and I'll see if I can fit them in :lol: :lol: :lol:

How can I ever have enough stuff, I don't need.

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Re: Rigg's Shrine

I dunno mate - pretty massive quantities compared to my unpainted pile of lead :lol:

You're already bringing a ton of stuff so I'll leave it up to you. I'm slowly coming up with a bit of a scenario and back story involving the large numbers of Amazons and Norse involved - not to mention the various other contingents of Pygmies and Snakemen. As far as I can tell I've got my mate Ollie coming who I was going to lend a small warband to and there's Zoglet who might be looking for a contingent to command - correct me if I'm mistaken Zoglet!

In other news - I finished building the shrine!!! :shock: :o :D


Well the main construction phase is over anyway - there's a few bits that need finishing off.


So on to some painting and interior decorating...

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Re: Rigg's Shrine

:shock: :shock: :shock: I'm still trying to find the words to praise your work :!:
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Re: Rigg's Shrine

Cheers Suber but maybe hang on till I've painted it ;)

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Re: Rigg's Shrine

The shrine is incredible - looking forward to seeing it in real life.

And, yes please, I would love to join in but need some troops. I could rustle up some orcs but suspect that will not be helpful so anything more relevant you can provide would be v welcome.
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Re: Rigg's Shrine

Cheers Zoglet! Maybe have a chat with Golgfag about commanding some of his Slann or I have smaller warbands if that's more your thing.

On the subject of Slann - just been talking with Paul Ede on the facebooks and he's bringing a rather fine army of them along :D
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Re: Rigg's Shrine

If its ok, I'd like to join in too...I have freshly painted a new Slann and Pygmy force in the last month, and Steve is saying we are a bit low on painted Slann? I think it all looks fantastic, it'd be a privilege to mess around with you guys...
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Paul / Lornalim
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Re: Rigg's Shrine

More than welcome bud - good to have you along!
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Re: Rigg's Shrine

Wow! That really is stunning...

That's going to be a real spectacle on the tabletop.
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Re: Rigg's Shrine

Your model shrine temple thing is looking amazing!

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