Speed painting challenge

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Re: Speed painting challenge

Linseeds and Sesam seeds-usually with gunk but for speed reasons with super glue.
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Re: Speed painting challenge

Following in the vein of generic over-the-top badassery I present
the Head Honcho of Hevil, the Dark Lord of the Rings, Sauron!


Yeah, I know I know. A faceless cloak. Whoop-de-doo.
Still, the only way I can be a participant in this competition. Even this took me almost 50 minutes to complete.
Had fun, though.
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Re: Speed painting challenge

Real nice, I guess a lot of attention must have gone into that eye ! Great result anyway !
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Re: Speed painting challenge

Perfection being the enemy of good enough, I needed to get some minis on the table...fast. Enter the speed painting. This is about as fast as it gets for me, on a subject that doesn't need a whole lot of attention to be good enough for the table.

I give you the GW Spirit Host, circa 2000, individually based as frost wraiths for Frostgrave:


And since three heavily drybrushed minis take so little time, I did two more to get the lot of them done. One is the Northstar Frost Wraith mini, the other is (I think) a D&D plastic. All five together, elapsed time just under 45 minutes:

Image Image Image Image

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