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Re: Oldhammer Ahoy Rules

Norse wrote:
Golgfag1 wrote:Well, as everybody appears to be making it up as they go along, here's my two pennies worth, I have two medium sized ships and a wreck - one ship is from the island of Nippon, off the coast of Cathay carrying two august passengers, two monks and ten armed retainers, the rest are crew lead by a captain and boson. The ship appears unarmed, apart from personal weapons carried by those on board (WYSIWYG).

Rather than use 2nd edition stats. for Nippon which are compatible with Ravening Horde (RH), I'll be using the allies list from the back of RH.

Just want to double check that you are aware we are using 6th edition rules and the Ravening Hordes book that was done for that, rather than the one that was done for 2nd edition. They're on the same scale though so shouldn't make any difference, except for some now being missing of course. Are nippon stats any different from basic human stats?

The second edition stat. for Nippon make em really overpowering, hence, my using the Allies list, in ravening Hordes, without heroes - will dig out my other Ravening Horde list and see what effect that has on the crew and passengers!

Paul / Golgfag1
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Re: Oldhammer Ahoy Rules

Sounds alright so far, but could probably do with something to represent Sea Elf haughtiness - even if it's just roleplayed. Don't make alliances with lesser races, goblins and other weaker foes are obviously beneath your notice when you choose targets, and obviously intra-species rivalry with other species of elf.

I agree with not associatign with goblins, thats again straight out of the big orange book. High elves basically only associate with other good elves and then look down their noses at them. Sea elves however are much more salt of the earth. Perhaps I could make my Captain a high elf to bring in some haughtyness.

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