Terror of the Lichemaster

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Terror of the Lichemaster

At the weekend we played through the Lichemaster campaign. I played the heroic villagers, my son played the lichemaster and his horde of undead
Game 1: Assault on the mine
Rand the Black and 20 Skeletons attack Gimbrin and 6 dwarfs at their mine
Initial setup, we put 2 dwarfs at the mine, we were worried they would just line up and slug it out
It did turn into a slugfest, the dwarfs killed 9 skeletons before they were overcome
Gimbrin is surrounded and slaughtered
Game 2:Attack on Bogels farm
Mikael Jacson and 10 zombies attack the Bogel family (Hunk, Mrs bogel, John boy, Willy, Corabel, Samgaff the hafling and Fritzy the insane family dog)
Initial setup, Samgaff raises the alarm, Mikael Jacson sends his zombies in a pincer movement
Conga line of zeds
Willy tries to free Fritzy the psychotic dog and is killed by the mental family pet!Samgaff runs for the bridge, Hunk and Johnboy shoot at the zeds killing one
As hunk tries to free Fritzy the zeds eat the insane creature
Samgaff bravely tries to hold of the Zeds to give Corabell time to escape, no heroics here as the midget is ripped limb from limb
Johnboy tries to defend his mother but Mikael butchers him! Hunk kills the last zombie and rushes to help his family but he is too late!!
Mikael laughs as he kills Mrs Bogel only to die by her hand at the same time!
The zombies collapse with the death of their master and Corabeth and her Father struggle over the bridge to Frugelhofen to warn the villagers
Game 3: The defence of Frugelhofen
Now we come to it, the final battle.
The village is forewarned by the remaining Bogels so the 40 villagers form up into 4 units (2 men at arms, 2 bowmen) with Albi (old hero type) in one unit. Calaco the Bretonnian terrorist is on the left flank (with a limping Hunk Bogel), whilst on the right Flank Riolta snow the beautiful elf and her simpering hanger-on are on the inn balcony . In the inn courtyard is Gim Grundal the hafling.
In front of the town the 31 Skeletons are split 20/11 with Krell (the undead chaos warrior)and Ranlac (from the mine assault) joining the larger unit. The lichemaster is on the undead left flank
First blood to the villagers as arrows fall on the zombies and Skeletons, fully half of the zombies die on turn 1.
The undead keep advancing, the right flank archers shoot all of the zombies, the main group of skeletons crash into Albi and the men at arms, in the centre the other unit of Men at arms and skeletons trade blows.
The lichemaster opened fire with fireballs on the other archers incinerating 6! Calaco throws his one bomb but fails to do anything
Krell, Ranlac and the Skellies annihilate Albi and the MaA (seriously good and bad dice rolls) and turn their attentions to the bowmen
The centre unit of MaA kill the last few skellies and the lichemaster fireballs the remaining bowmen
The Lichemaster sees Gim the Halfling bravely pick up Albis magic sword
So he nukes him
Krell kills the last of the bowmen and turns to face the advancing Men at arms (now joined by Calaco and Hunk Bogel)
The Lichemaster opens fire on Riolta and Alberto scoring an impressive 11 hits on the two of them. Most hit Riolta but in in show of true love Alberto chucks himself in the line of fire and dies.
A wounded Riolta leaves the battle and escorts Corabell Boggle away from the final battle
The Men at arms are cut down to a man. With only the two of them remaining, Hunk challenges Krell and Calaco challenges Ranlac
Hunk is torn apart by Krell but Calaco easily kills Ranlac
Krell and Calaco trade blows each causing a wound!
Krell misses! Calaco hits! Can he kill the undead warrior!!??

No, in the next turn Krell chops Calaco to pieces
The Lichemaster is triumphant

Great fun. The first battle was good but the second two were fantastic. The attack on the farm was really funny. The assault of Frugelhofen could have been a lot closer if the first combat hadn’t been so one sided. It was all over in 2 rounds and the skeletons lost 1 man compared to the villagers losing 10men and their main hero (who never hit!). Once my son realised fireball is like having a rocket launcher he quite happily sat back nuking people.
I think if we played again we would limit his powers, he starts with no magic points and can only use stuff as the undead kill people. But we really enjoyed it. I can't understand why GW don't make stuff like this anymore

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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

Fantastic stuff! Really enjoyed reading the report and seeing the battleboards in their full glory. I'm also intending to run this campaign with my 11 year old - well, hopefully he'll still be 11 by the time I have everything in place!

Lee B
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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

Great figures, great layout and buildings, great fun! Thanks for sharing your battles with us; I really must pick up some copies of the early published mini-campaigns for my two boys as they grow into it...
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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

Nice. I don't have any of the old scenarios, but they sound fascinating. I thought I might have the Mikael Jacsen original but looking on Stuff of Legends, what I actually have is the 2000AD Jaxon Prince - some kind of zombie. Gimbrin Finehelm is a fantastic dwarf - another one to look out for.
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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

Great battle report and a very nice layout.
I agree. Why did GW not bring out more of these scenario sets??? Or reprint some of the older ones???
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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

Great stuff Steders!

Started rebasing my zombies and skellies last night for TotL... Well I was painting the Dwarfs for Orcs Drift so figured I may as well...

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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

are you going to move onto "vengeance ..."?
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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

lovely, thanks for the report :)
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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster

Great report, thx for sharing!

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Re: Terror of the Lichemaster


One thing I noticed was no mention of fear - did you ignore it or wasn't it much of a factor?
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