The siege numbers (2011)

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The siege numbers (2011)

Total So Far: 2011

Well that was a fantastic game that wasn't it? How many games to you play with that much lead on a table? At this point I'd like to thank everyone who laid down their lives to save the halflings food supplies. At one point a few of us started talking about how many figures were on the table but it was an impossible task to count them. We came to the conclusion that the only way to figure it out would be for everyone who participated to let us know what they put on the table.

If you all could put up a post in this thread then we might be able to figure it out. It would also be a nice record of the game. Maybe put in your stand out moment as well. For me it was probably when one of Ramshackle Curtis' giants head butted a pegasus out of the sky. Dishonourable mention to OLLY for killing the Giant Owl, that wasn't very nice was it (Apologies to Lenihan for the false accusations).

Halflings x 75
Treemen x 5

Forces of Good - 1093
Just John 80+
Harry 200+
Citadel Collector 36 (9 Artillery Pieces)
Erny 240 (3 Artillery Pieces)
OttovonBismark 44
Golgfag1 171
Mr Rab 53
Thansants 50+
Adam. 52
Jeff McC 167

Forces of Evil - 918
Citadel Collector 30+ (incl 4 artillery pieces and crew)
Erny 31
Golgfag1 3 (Siege Towers)
Thansants 400
Lenihan 47 (3 Artillery Pieces)
Grumdril 43
Erny's Bro 329 (skaven)
Ollie. 35
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In Dreamfish we trust

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Re: The siege numbers.

I had about 180 Bretonnian infantry on the table .... with Wood Elf friends just upwards of 200 minis.
The fact that it was a Scottish themed Giant that head-butted the Pegasus out of the sky only made it better.
Olly was in fact the owl killer.
The fact that Friar Tuck wind blasted a Giant to the ground with with his flatulence was a good moment and then that Robin Hood managed to survive due to repeated, out of character, leadership rolls and left with the majority of his merry men when I left on the Sunday despite having occupied the centre of the table for 3 days and having been hit by skeleton cavalry and trolls and just about everything else.
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Post Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:46 pm

Re: The siege numbers.

I chaos arsecannon*
3 Bretonnian ballista and crews
2 Bretonnian mortar and crews
2 Bretonnian wheeled bombard and crews
1 Bretonnian 4-gun organ gun and crew
1 Bretonnian 7-gun organ gun and crew
7 trolls
3 orc stone-throwers and crews

(*which, true to its name, proved sh!t. I shall have to modify its rules for the next time it enters combat).
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Re: The siege numbers.

Great Idea JJ:


104 Infantry
20 Cavalry
2 Flying monster riders.
1 Sheep of ancient vintage.
1 Giant chicken.


101 Infantry
3 warmachines, 9 crew.
1 Gyrocopter

30 Cavalry
1 Flying monster rider (I believe we had four Wyvern riders on the table with one in a box that never got put out but I may be wrong.)

Total: 270

Do you think we'll hit 2000?
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Re: The siege numbers.

I think the highlight for me was Just John (a virgin to this system) convincing the GM's to let his Treemen start in the forest. In what was the classic beginners luck factor in effect, they proceed to cause utter havoc in the lines of the Evil forces, smashing war machines and sending the many a skittish evildoer running for the safety of the mountains. That's the way you want your first game of anything to go really.

Representing for the Army of the Jade throne on the side of Good I had brought:

1 Slann Mage on cold one
10 Slann Eagle Warriors
6 Slann Scouts
20 Lizardmen
4 Trogladytes
1 Animal Handler
2 Sabre toothed tigers

Total: 44
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Post Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:44 pm

Re: The siege numbers.

Well the stuff that made it on to the table was:
34 archers, 30 Pike men, 48 halbardiers, 10 crossbow men, 23 knights, 20 Hobilars & 2 canon with 3 crewmen each, total of 171.

2 siege towers.

50 wolf riders, 4 chariots, two snottling wagons, 4 bolt shooters, 1 wyvern, 2 stone throwers, 60 Black orcs, 50 mother crushers, 50 Orcs, 40 Arra-boys, 30 Half-orcs, 10 Giants, 40 black mountian boys & 50 Ogres - 380 figures plus models (These latter came out to play - but didn't make it to the table, maybe the difference in making the target and not! Sorry).

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Post Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:20 pm

Re: The siege numbers.

A much more modest contribution from me:

1 dragon
2 mounted knights
2 wizards
1 cannon (three crew)
12 peasants
12 foot knights
12 billmen
10 arquebusiers

Total - 53
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Post Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:35 pm

Re: The siege numbers.

Top of my head as I'm back up in the Lakes and away from the hoard -

20 Black Orcs
30 Orcs
30 Ruglud's Armoured Orcs
24 Orc Spears
21 Orc Archers
25 Savage Orcs
6 Trolls
6 Ogres
10 Gogfag's Orgres
31 Grom's Goblin Guard
36 Goblin archers
30 Goblin Spears
30 Goblin warriors
9 Goblin fanatics - didn't make it on to the table!
20 4A Marsh Goblins
War Tortoise Ajax :mrgreen:
2 Giants
Goblin Shaman on Giant Spider
3 Orc Shamans
3 Orc Stone Throwers
Skull Crusher (Goblin Trebuchet)
Man Mangler
Lead Belcher
20 Goblin Wolfriders
12 Orc Snortas
6 Orc Gruntas
2 Wyverns
2 Hobgoblin Sky Rockets
10 Hobhounds and 2 handlers
Various battering rams and ladders
1 Siege Tower
1 Covered Battering Ram
1 Hippogriff

That's about 160 or so Orc infantry, 120 odd Goblin infantry, 22 big guys (ogres/Trolls) 38 assorted cavalry types and 8 pieces of artillery with other various monsters!

And for the Good guys
20 Human Pike militia
20 or so retreating peasants
2 wagons and draught animals
Siege defenders stuff - boiling oil, rock droppers, etc.
6 mounted knights
1 Zoat

Probably forgotten something there but that's most of it!

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Re: The siege numbers.

I probably brought one of the smaller contingents in terms of number of models, but it all adds up, I suppose. So on the table for the main game (Sat-Sun):

31 fimm infantry all told (in 3 units)
1 model of shearl carrying war altar
Giant toad artillery x 3, with total of 6 handlers
3 carrion crawlers
3 demonic worms

So I calculate the fimir contribution as 47 models for the forces of evil.
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Post Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:18 am

Re: The siege numbers.

Yikes no wonder the pics are so awesome!


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