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Army Shots

I love looking at pictures of armies. I appreciate that the 28mm interpretation of army is loose and finds itself generally closer to a patrol or gang, but you get the idea. Lots of figures, in units - by all accounts an army.

Also, Don Hans inspired me with this:


I thought I'd create a thread where you can post army shots. I don't want individual shots, or sports teams, or skirmish gangs - I mean armies. If you want gang shots (steady, now...) or sports shots, you can start your own gang shot thread.

Anyway, Don Hands got to open proceedings as above, but I thought I'd chuck a a shot in too:


So, show me your armies.


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Re: Army Shots


Here is an old one of my Khorne force. Its missing the chaos dwarfs and the bazooka team but otherwise they are all there.
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Re: Army Shots

A couple of mine, I limit myself to a couple of good ones (Aka not shit pictures):

This was at the beginning of my 'stealer Cult:


My Chaos Dwarfs:

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Re: Army Shots

Bit of a blurry photo I'm afraid but it gives the idea. Essentially a historical army that has turned into a bretonnian/ empire army (bizarrely I'm still expanding it!)
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Re: Army Shots

Here are my dark elves:
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Re: Army Shots

Great idea and I love to see shots like this too. Unfortunately I haven't quite got that far yet... :(
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Re: Army Shots

About half my 'army' - the 'good guy' half:


Although it's grown considerably since that pic was taken. Must do the bad guys some time.
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Re: Army Shots

I can contribute with an old photo of these:

My Epic Space Marines.

My World Eaters.

My Blood Angels.
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Re: Army Shots

What a great thread! So much awesomeness :D
The first pic looks familiar - I'm certain I seen that army somewhere... ;)
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Re: Army Shots

Holy raging lead boner Batman!

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