Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

Make us dream with all your oldhammer stuff!

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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

Heh i don't mind all the skull and pentagram bits on Undead, as lets face it so what if the Banners and Shields aren't realistic as it's Fantasy after all.. you don't see Undead walking down the road.. well unless its Goth night at my local :O


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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

Thank you all, I've shown lots of these pistures everywhere over and over again so it may seem a bit spammy but since I'm new here I felt it would be ok. I'll post some Rogue Trader stuff later on for your enjoyment 8)

bug16 wrote:As a big fan of the 80's Undead range all I can say is they look superb! :D Also well done for getting an original Heinrich Kemmler model, I'm very envious!

I never understood the reptile horses in that Undead range, I've got one but it looks too out of place to be used next to the zombie and skeletal horses. Even so it's nice to see one painted up! :)

Edit: Just noticed that you've got a Mikael Jacsen model. It's official, I hate you! :D

Actually, I have neither, let me share with you my secrets:



The wizard with the book is still available from Mega Miniatures: (not in this listing though)

I never really understood the lizard horse either but now I count it as suitably whacky and old school, I should, because I have a couple :)

Thantsants wrote:Safe to say you've got 3rd ed. Undead covered Pil :lol:

Not to mention those lovely Grenadier pieces!

Are there any you're missing?

I have the other mammoth missing it's crew, catapult and tail but the animal and the howdah are there, I have the rhino missing only it's tail (but I will give it Citadel crew as well), I have another giant for converting later on. I don't have the dragon but I don't care too much for that model. None of these are painted yet though. 8)

Ti Pouchon wrote:The only thing that doesn't work with that image - in my opinion at least - is the shield designs and banners. Of course, they look brilliant, but the army when still alive wouldn't have images of skulls and skeletons on their shields and banners, would they?
So, an undead artist/tailor must have made those banners. I know it's nit-picky but it's one of those things that irks me about the undead - same thing as the over the top skull-and-pentagram-encrusted robes and collars of some undead character models in production: where in blazes do Necromancers have their clothes made?
I like the Dunharrow undead above, because they have the "right" shields.

To this I reply with a quote from teh Skeleton War Machines box (lifted from the stuff of legends: ):

Longhorn stood looking over the ruined parapet. The chill wind ruffled his surcoat, whistling eerily between his ribs.
'Still coming?' the voice belonged to Screamer, one of his companions-at-arms.
'See for yourself.' A black column stretched from the horizon to a mile away, like an army of ants on the move.
'Here,' said Screamer, struck by a sudden thought, 'We can talk, right?'
'Yes.' sighed Longhorn. He hated it when Screamer had one of his sudden thoughts.
'And we can see them, right?' Longhorn nodded.
'We're Skeletons, right? No eyes, no eardrums, no vocal cords - but we can see, hear and talk. -Makes you think, doesn't it?'

The banners and shields were one of my first concerns when I started painting my nightmare legion. In the end I settled on the notion that my skeletons are sentient (as above) and decorate their own shields and banners from their new-found perspective. In the case of the skeleton vikings above though I felt 'traditional' shields were more in order.
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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

Fantastic army - seeing this over on Frothers was another nudge that started me on this slippery slope. I've seen your MJ conversion before but the Kemmler one is fantastic, something I will definitely try out myself.

Please don't show any RT stuff as who knows what I might start collecting then :lol:

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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

Very good conversion work! I might have to borrow those ideas! :)
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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

Again, long time admiration for this lot on Frothers. Always nice to see them - cracking job.
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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

Great to enjoy this army ...this collection again.
Also great to see those conversions again. I had forgotten how fantastic they were. :D

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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

Not the thread i meant to be posting in

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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

I have seen your pics before either here or somewhere else but I had to leave a comment and say Very Nice :). I have a Undead army as well, however it does not compare with your work and army... very impressive!
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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

Beautiful work, and great conversions/sculpting!


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Re: Vintage Undead (old pictures) [PIC HEAVY]

hello, one of the best armies I've ever seen, increible!

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