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OldHammer / NewHammer

An old lead Citadel Minotaur from the Eighties (lovely lead figure) and a much more recent, plastic Skink...

Minotaur 1 (800x600).jpg
Minotaur 1 (800x600).jpg (194.38 KiB) Viewed 757 times

Skink A 7 (800x600).jpg
Skink A 7 (800x600).jpg (170.24 KiB) Viewed 757 times
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Re: OldHammer / NewHammer

Nice work. I've always loved that minotaur model and you've really brought it to life.

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Re: OldHammer / NewHammer

Thanks. Came out a bit shiny in the photo - it's not so bad in real life though still a touch shiny.

I'm having trouble with varnish at the moment: the first Citadel spray one I had was excellent, left a real natural tone. Then the next was dreadful and made them really dull, almost a super matt.

I then tried Testors spray laquer as that was highly recommended but, having bought a tiny can at a huge price, I'm not blown away by the results.

Went back to my reliable, brush on humbrol gloss topped by brush on matt and that worked for a while but now the matt's not covering so well. Minotaur was done this way.

Hmmm, have a big figure to do next (Grenadier Giant Griffin) and I really don't want to be brushing varnish on that!
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Re: OldHammer / NewHammer

^Maybe we can just assume the minotaur is working really hard and got a bit sweaty. Or maybe some gladiatorial combat producer asked wardrobe to oil him up well for the big fight.

. . . Anyway, they both look pretty awesome. Great color choices well applied. My compliments to the pigmentation department. :)

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