Fembruary - molly the Messenger

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Fembruary - molly the Messenger

This is my effort supporting Leadballoony's 2019 promotion of women in the hobby Fembruary https://leadballoony.com/2019/01/31/more-scumbos-and-the-fembruary-challenge/.
Molly is a skateboard messenger somewhere in the sprawl delivering small high value physical items for high end clients. Her armoury and armour contribute to her security. I choose her because she seemed to represent a practical non sexualised mini but by choosing a red spot colour for her boots etc I allowed some of her personal style to come through.



Come on people join in there's still time left.
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Re: Fembruary - molly the Messenger

i posted this earlier on my work in progress thread (so have a look there for details), but here you go:

femruary's a bit cold for this outfit.
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Re: Fembruary - molly the Messenger

I certainly favor more character diversity. Makes a gaming table feel more real, to my mind, and gives you a better shot at getting your friends to play if there's a larger variety of potential characters to chose from. Well done on Molly. Can't quite make out the little cherubish creature. Fairy? Angel? Demon? I feel a closer shot is called for. (Though I surely appreciate it's hard to shoot small miniatures well.)

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