Empire undead - painted

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Empire undead - painted

This is a project started many years ago, probably the best travelled unfinished army ever?
These were bought in Lincolnshire, started in Norfolk(about 1999/2000) moved to Scotland(2002) sent to France(2007) returned from France (2017) and repaired/glued (2018)
2nd edition plastic skeletons and 1st edition plastic empire(?)
Also some putty/sculpting to try and bring together the empireish feel.
Also made a unit of skeleton cavalry using armoured plastic horses and skeletons

Ran out of Empire bits and could use some more skeleton bits if anyone has any spare?

Lots of metals to follow as well as 1st edition skeletons to repair/paint

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Re: Skeleton/Empire kitbash

Radical! This is sooooo 2000 8-)

Very inspiring to see an "original" kitbash with all components from the same period.
Brings back memories of White Dwarf articles, since back then internet was still such a pain to navigate!

Keep it coming!
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Re: Skeleton/Empire kitbash

Very nice conversion work.
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Re: Skeleton/Empire kitbash

Impressive kitbashing

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