Post Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:49 pm

Various Halflings for Tilean Campaign

Now I have finally, fully repaired my campaign thread on my new web site ( which involved re-writing masses of text and reposting 1000 images, I am back to painting and modelling and (to my players' relief) my GM duties!

Here are a variety of halfings I have completed just today who will serve in the forces of the (NPC) city state of Verezzo, if, that is, the players actions cause that particular state to go to war, if only to defend itself. (I dread the thought that these, and another 100 new figures recently completed, might never end up in a battle!)

First the classic GW models:

I have never painted any of these models before. I think they ended up in my box of figures from a gift-lot I was given by an old player. When I found them it spurred to to order the following ...

Here are the two kinds of halfings available from Black Tree Design's ranges:

(These are small, even for halflings!)


I like them both, but do wish the little guys were a bit bigger. I'll keep then as one unot.

Here are the two Midlam ones I have (almost) completed so far:


These I love. I have several more civilian/character types I hope to paint if the campaign stories are conducive!

Here are the Grenadier / Forlorn Hope Games ones ... I am confused as to who I got them from as both seem to sell the same ...


And the brigade altogether ...


Blue and red regiment (the flag border's colours). The flag is a version of the Italian Cerignol flag.

Gonna build a story around these for the latest report.