Post Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:25 pm

Two 4ed dark elf champions

Two minis I painted this year, can't remember if I painted anything last year :roll:

Once I thought that these elves were ugly, but it seems nostalgia and time makes a difference, now I am a fan of these "middlehammer" dark elves.

These two are a start of a mordheim warband / 4-5ed army, but considering my pace of painting, it will be a long road.

I experimented with the color scheme, and skin tones, the next two minis I paint will have more black color, and we will see if it will give more evil and less hero hammer feel...

Skin tones were inspired by the "current" dark eldar miniatures, but I need to try it on a model with more flesh, these guys had little skin, and the faces were quite flat.