Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

@Gallivantes: At the beginning I only did it to get a proper amount of Goblins :D
@LilBroGrendel: Thanks, the conversion was one of my better ideas. Altogh its not that technacally good, I'll post a picture of him in a few days I think and you'll realy see, that my fingerprints are all over the bottle (maybe should have used some sandpaper to make it smoother) and the hat. But I like the guy, in my head hes a measly big talker who cant do anything at all and takes himself pretty serious. His name is Snorko da blatherer and if hes ever in a game hes the worst kind of orcish shaman I can use :mrgreen:

I'll finish up my painted Goblins today, with more Snotling stuff really... The 15 Base-horde of Snotlings I have consists of a lot of newer models, but their shaman, at least rule-wise a Goblins seems appropriate for this forum:
More Gobbos 2.jpg
More Gobbos 2.jpg (65.76 KiB) Viewed 679 times
Since he's quite weak, he has a bodyguard. A Snotling as well, but well, who would have let himself down to protect the little bugger otherwise? He was one of the candidates for my profile picture as well.

He's pretty smart though and helped his mates to build something dangerous. Its one of my oldest conversions, but it kind of holds up with the other stuff (and I havent painted the original Pumpwagons yet).
More Gobbos 3.jpg
More Gobbos 3.jpg (147.11 KiB) Viewed 679 times

But finally I have some real Goblins left. These are from the former crooked claw range, now named Greenskin wars. I'm still waiting on my stuff from the Kickstarter, spent a lot of money there, but the models are worth it. Shields are from different GW models. The skin tone doesnt fit in with my other Greenskins, because I experimented a bit. I still like them :)
More Gobbos.jpg
More Gobbos.jpg (222.55 KiB) Viewed 679 times
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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

Hey guys,
another batch of photos coming in. First of a closer look at Snorko:
IMG_20170413_105931377.jpg (105.1 KiB) Viewed 648 times

A giant, not so old but its lead so it seems appropriate here:
IMG_20170413_104219275.jpg (126.43 KiB) Viewed 648 times

And lastly a unit of different older plastic Orcs with some Hobgoblins mixed in. They still look orcish enough for my taste.
IMG_20170413_104741468.jpg (187 KiB) Viewed 648 times
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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

Fuxxx wrote:Hey guys,
another batch of photos coming in. First of a closer look at Snorko:

Oh hey it's the rock lobber ammo loader is it not? Clever conversion :)
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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

I agree: It's a very clever conversion. When I first saw the avatar, I thought "I have seen that miniature before, but where?!" Then, suddenly I recognised him :D

I also like the unit or old plastic Orcs - those Hobgoblins fit in very nicely.
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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

Those plastic orks do look nice. You did a good job with them. :)
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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

Thanks a lot you all!

We`re rapidly approaching the end. Not that I have no Greenskins left, but the new stuff needs attention as well and my supply of pictures slowly runs dry, which means I have to paint. And that is not too probable during the semester. Similar to my painting time, the other hobby time (like scrolling through forums) decreases a bit as well, so I'll finish off showing my existing army today. Updates will be scarce, but they'll exist. I've stuck with this army for more than half of my life, but since I'm studying I only have a lot of time 2 times a year :roll:

Lets start with a guy I got when I was like 12 and never knew where hes from (I always assumed old GW, but he really isnt). I recently discovered he's from excalibur miniatures, still on sale (http://www.excalibur-miniatures.com/sho ... cts_id=119) and I even have one of his colleagues (the one with the scimitar) laying around as well. So heres Schatork, as hes officially known:
IMG_20170413_105942948.jpg (183.93 KiB) Viewed 568 times

Then theres the unit, that initally got me into oldschool stuff from other companies (like the Black Hat Goblins) as well, a unit of Orc Crossbowmen from Harlequin. I got them roughly two years ago, sold as old GW. Discovering that I could still buy stuff from Harlequin was pretty great and in my excitement I got all their Savage Orcs, Night Goblins and the normal infantry Orcs to go with my Crossbowmen. They have great sales from time to time and a really good customer service. And these Orcs were pretty easy to paint, they're essentially only skin and chainmail. Since I have no other real use for them, they only come into play if I need reinforcements for Rugluds Armoured Orcs.
IMG_20170413_104423938.jpg (195.68 KiB) Viewed 568 times

And finally theres a unit of Black Orcs, composed of some recent and some older miniatures (plastic and lead). People tend to not like the mix, but it makes it easier to fit them into a regiment and Orcs come in all sizes.
IMG_20170413_105123056.jpg (198.58 KiB) Viewed 568 times
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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

Since my tribe needs some guidance (a good old fist to the face can work wonders for the morale), my Boar Riders got reinforcements in the form of 2 heroes, a boss and a battle standart bearer:
IMG_20170413_104603215.jpg (218.54 KiB) Viewed 567 times
IMG_20170413_104533363.jpg (97.24 KiB) Viewed 567 times
IMG_20170413_104523205.jpg (103.61 KiB) Viewed 567 times

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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

Great looking models. You have succeeded mixing new and old in seamless harmony.
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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde


I painted some new stuff that might fit here.
Some 4a Miniatures little Lizards, which will pose as Squigs, some lesser Goblin Wolf Riders from Ral Partha mixed with Frostgrave Wolves and Snotlings painted as foxes and a group of orcish heroes including a Giant Black Orc, an Oldschool Orc from Spellcrow, an old Marauder Orc, a Black Orc from Knightmare Models and a Games Day Orc.

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Re: Fuxxx' evergrowing Greenskin Horde

snotling fox riders! fantastic :D

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