Marienburg, Undeadish, etc! (Nightmare Legion + Odds/Ends)

Make us dream with all your oldhammer stuff!

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Re: Marienburg, Undeadish, etc! (Nightmare Legion)

Great thread, just made my way through it in entirety. So much lovely stuff, but particularly love the giants and your take on the red redemptionists. Loads of great painting on a great range of models.
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Re: Marienburg, Undeadish, etc! (Nightmare Legion + Odds/End


I'm going through some of my skeletal odds & ends, which is how those last Nightmare Legion got painted. (Although I just picked up an entire second set so there will be more painted in the future!)

Among those odds & ends are some more oldschool minis. Below are three of the four skeletal beastmen from Ral Partha, beautiful old Julie Gurthrie sculpts. Didn't paint the fourth because I have no use for skeletal bowmen at the moment. (The fourth mini in the photo is a Reaper skeletal hobbit.)


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