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The lucky attendants to BOYL16 got the chance to see in the flesh something I discovered drooling over the pics some days later. It was a charming, beautiful Ornithopter. Good Guy Curtis offered me the chance of putting my hands on one, so there was no decision to be made! :D (Thanks, Curtis! You rock!) I believe it's not on general release yet as it needed some additional design work on the wings, but I was tremendously happy with a prototype.

I tried it white, so it would be seen from a distance.

Hmmm, too shiny. It needed some heavy weathering, chipping, rustiness and, well, to look like it has seen some world!

Then the wings. Those were tricky. They are sheets of acetate, but they needed 'something' to get attached to the hull. I made a few attempts of building a wire frame, but they all failed. The structure was too heavy for such a small contact surface to be glued. Long story short, I tried BBQ woodsticks. Once painted black they were reasonably hard to see at tabletop distance and the frame was much easier to glue to the main hull, proving to be resistent enough:

I love the whole concept. The design, everything. It screams OldSchool! I'm using it for my RT setting, but I think there are a number of ranges that could seriously benefit from it (I mean, isn't Hasslefree preparing a not-Dune line? ;) ;) )

http://oldschoolworkshop.blogspot.com.e ... opter.html

All praise Curtis, for he is the mastermind behind this. Looking forward for Ramshackle's plans for general release!

EDIT: Let me edit this, as I was not aware the master was Scalene's work:
http://www.warfactory.co.uk/wp/2016/08/ ... nithopter/
My bad! So sorry, man!
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Re: Ornithopter

Oh, that's cool! Curtis is a great fellow, Ramshackle is a fine fine resource, and you've done a very nice job with that. :)
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Re: Ornithopter

Fun and good-looking design, there! Ramshackle Games is a great little company. Neat paintjob.

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