Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

Victor wrote:I have acquired a huge collection of citadel miniatures (80s and early 90s) some time ago and want to sell the things I don't need. I've spent quite some time researching the value of the miniatures already and by pure accident came across these offers on ebay today for a supposedly very rare 1985 Chaos Pit Fighter, which I happen to own now: ... EBIDX%3AIT ... EBIDX%3AIT

Is this miniature really worth £100 or something close to it?

I hope someone can help me and I hope it's okay if I ask questions like this here, as I do have more. :P

Probably not - you need to check sold auctions rather than current BIN ones.
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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

I've put my Chaos Pitfighter up on ebay for £80 just for fun (and to annoy the other 2 sellers a little bit). I seriously doubt it will sell for that, but whatever. :D

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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

Could someone please gice me an idea about a fair price for a painted cursed company, 12 strong, full command, 3 line models slightly modified?
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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

I am only a lurker on here now as I have moved to the FB group but I couldn't not comment on your post about the 'Chaos Pit Fighter' or Ch 6 Chaos Thug from White Dwarf 101's price as I have traded and sold loads on them, the price range for this miniature is £3.00 - £7.00 no more anyone buying or selling this miniature for any more than that needs his head looking at.

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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

Does anyone know the value for the four varient empire steam tanks?
Von Zeppel - it has a fighting platform for 6 engineers
Old Reliable - it has a volley gun instead of a cannon
Sigmars Hammer - it didn't have any weapons or turrent
Implacable - open topped with a mortar

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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

I'm wondering about what i would have to pay for the original Krell or lichemaster miniatures. The one i see in ebay are a bit pricey for my purse, is that really what they sell for?

/Edit, nevermind. After searching the forum, i've decided i no longer want the original lichemaster(or that i do, but not for 60£)
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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

Are the prices on the first post still accurate? Also, what is the Chaos Dwarf Siege Engine? I thought that was a reference to the Juggernaut, but that is also listed.
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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

They are reasonably accurate, but more of a guideline than a hard and fast rules.

Quick look at McDeath and some other scenarios figs...

Sandra Prangle: £100
McDeath: £100
Lady McDeath: £100
Dragon Turtle: £25
Donaldbane: £30
Clansmen: £6

Heinrich Kemmler the Lichemaster: £60

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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

Someone can tell me the price for a Herald citadel ?

i can't find any on eBay or others website , i imagine it is a rare citadel mini, but how much can i get for this one ?

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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

Given that he is available from foundry I'd say not too much. He's in a pack with six other Normans for £12 but one is mounted so he's worth under £2. Now it could be you find someone unaware that foundry do him or someone who really wants the original citadel one for some reason but how many are there out there like that who would be willing to bid against each other. ... glo-saxons

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