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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

Hi, I need some informations about the scenario pack "the Magnificent sven" Amazon Warrior Karra Lokota (the slotta amazon in the left).
I have this miniature and just now I knew that is quite rare and could have some value.
In fact one on ebay was sold for 50£, but we know all that ebay could be crazy for prices.
Then I'm asking here how much this miniature could value. If it worthy I would consider to trade/sell it. Thanks.

PS: what is the value for the pre slotta amazons too?

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Re: Guideline Prices for Rarer Items - Fantasy

I wish I could buy some of that rare things named by topic starter for that prices... I think that prices are obsolete.
As for ebay, I was searching and what I have found:
Chaos dwarves jaggernaut - 800 gbp,
TA4 dwarf jaggernaut - 400,
Slavemaster Braugh - 400 (no sertificate),
Imperial dragon (TA) - 600,
Hermit Malmont - 175(forged?) and 900!!! (for blister),
Giants of Albion - 150,
Boris on Ursa - 120 (sealed)

May be ebay is not good place to buy miniatures..?

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