Accessories ??

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Accessories ??

So do members here only sell/trade minis? Or do people sometimes want boardgame accessories?
For instance, I have an extra set of Dragon Strike items. The box in near mint condition, the cards the quest books and VHS tape, if any collector is looking for it.
Where might I go to see if anyone wants it?
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Re: Accessories ??

You could post it here. This is predominantly a miniatures forum but if it's a relevant fantasy-from-the-80s/90s game there may be some interest.

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Re: Accessories ??

DragonStrike! Yeah, awesome! Definitely advertise here.

Other places, Board Game Geek have a marketplace.

DragonStrike was originally a TSR release (?) so maybe the D&D collectors at The Acaeum might be interested - they tend to be in the US (so the VHS format is different to the UK) and more interested in early and rare D&D stuff, but you might find someone who is interested.

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