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Trade/Sell Citadel Marauder Ral Partha Grenadier [US]

I have several loose models floating around that I could stand to get rid of. All prices shown below are in Burgerbucks (US dollars). We'll have to work out shipping afterward. That's generalyy around $5.00 for domestic and $13.50 international for up to eight ounces (but nearly doubles if you exceed that!).

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All OOP Citadel or Marauder models.
Row A - Chaos Dwarf - $5.00 per model.
Row B - Marauder "Citizens" - $7.00 per model.
Row C - a more common Marauder citizen, an elf steed, and an early Chaos Thug - $5.00 per model.

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All OOP Citadel models.
Row D - ancient Dark Elves, $5.00 per model.
Row E - a coupla gobbos $5.00 per model.
Row F - Citadel Ninja Assassins - $5.00 per model.

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A few extras from Ral Partha and Grenadier
Row G is sold
Row H is sold
Row I, only $2.00 each. You can still get that Sabertooth from Iron Wind Metals!

Additionally, I have some Dark Elves - two metal ladz in a blister and a half-dozen from the plastic 3rd Edition Warhammer Regiment. I showed them to Chico already, but the shipping killed the deal. Maybe you can use them.
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I'd sell the unopened blister for $10.00, and $5.00 takes all da plastikk ladz.


I tried to think about the kind of things that would encourage me to bookmark an eBay auction if I saw it at a reasonable price:

Brother Craig (could always use some duplicates of this undeniably classic model)

The White Dwarf subscription beekee

Two very specific Space Marine veterans

Plus, if you have them kicking around:

  • Metal Servitors from the retinue of Black Templars Chaplain Grimaldus
  • BFG Dauntless-class light cruisers and the various Space Marine escorts
  • Chainsaw Warrior models
  • Necromunda Van Saar, Escher, or Spyrers