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Stuff for sale

So I have a bunch of 1980s stuff, some pre slotta some not, I got it off a family friend years ago. I wrote a list out some time ago and now some of it doesn't make sense to me but I'll copy it out below. Please private message or reply if you are interested in purchasing anything and I can take as many pictures as you like. I'm in the UK to give you an idea of shipping costs. Mostly this stuff has never been painted. Thanks!

SS1a Champions of Chaos. In box, all pieces (heads, shields, weapons) present, one guy is painted the rest untouched.

ME11 - Gandalf, mounted Gandalf, Shadowfax
ME13 - Frodo and mounted frodo and pony/horse
ME15 - Gimli and mounted Gimli with horse
ME34 - Halfling heroes
ME35 - Bjorn and bear
ME83 - Tom Bombadil mounted only
C23 - Slave ogre no handlers

C11 - Halflings C2 - Various, C3 - 2 x proudfoot, Cecil, Hornblower, dung adv SS (not sure what this means)

Mad Mullah Acklands Somethings - Habit, Musician, 27 x troopers

C11 - Slotta Gnomes - Various

C27 - Pygmy with blowpipe, witch doctor/shaman

C33 - Adventure packs wizard on flying carpet with goblin

Edit - I also have the 1984 Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rules Box which contains all 3 books (Combat, Battle Magic and Battle bestiary), playsheet and the cardboard cut out sheet. The box itself is a little worn around the edges but the books and sheets are near mint condition.

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Re: Stuff for sale

So I can't seem private message, if you are interested please email me at sorry about that people who have already messaged me

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