Rouge trader armys intrest scheck

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Rouge trader armys intrest scheck


I have many rouge trader armyes fore sale.

1. A huge imperial guard army 1 ed.
6 squads inf. (Lasguns, bolters, pistols),
3 rapiers cannons teams, 3 twin
lasercannons, 1 limited edition
autocannon, 1 speeder, 2 walkers etc etc.

2. 1 squat army, 5 squads inf. Heartguards,
3 mole launcher teams, 2 thudd guns.

3. Guild bike army. 19 bikes (6 or 7 triceps, 6 heavy triceps, 6 or 7 bikes, guildmaster, Warlord, heartguards, 2 anicent ones in sidecart.

4. Genesteler hybrid cult army 1 ed.

And lots more.

Is some One intresed in hole armys?

Sincerly Kenth Westergren/taogoli

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Re: Rouge trader armys intrest scheck

Hello there,

I would be interested in any orks you might have


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Re: Rouge trader armys intrest scheck

what sort of prices are you looking at?

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