FS: Big Oldhammer Clearout

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Re: FS: Big Oldhammer Clearout

LilBroGrendel wrote:By chance I stumpled upon the other orcy type - and it is indeed a greenskin scuplted by Nick Lund, namely a N16 Cave Goblin Guard from Chronicle Miniatures :mrgreen:

You can see it here:
http://www.collecting-citadel-miniature ... tors_Guide
http://www.solegends.com/citjour85a/cj8 ... ins-01.htm

Thanks again, most kind! :mrgreen:
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Re: FS: Big Oldhammer Clearout

Sending a PM momentarily.

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Re: FS: Big Oldhammer Clearout

Double Misfire wrote:
roughnecks439 wrote:im interested in some of them models

Cool, send me a message with the ones you're after when you've got enough posts. :)

ideal will do

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Re: FS: Big Oldhammer Clearout

Do you have any Imperial Guard rough riders?
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Re: FS: Big Oldhammer Clearout

I've sent a little old message..
- from now on the jackals would be wary.


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