Post Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:19 am

Adeptus Terra and other characters in Rogue Trader

Hi everyone, I am thinking about some non-combatant or auxhiliary staff for the retinues of my rogue trader and inquisitors. I have quite a few miniatures who would make good tech priest or scribes of some kind.

The characters mentioned in the rule book are:

adeptus mechanicus tech priest;
adeptus astronomica (located on earth but high ranking officials travel);
administratum scribe;
imperial fleet officer;
planetary governor and administration.

Characters in Chapter Approved:

Two types of tech priest: Praefect aquisitor; High enginseer.
Two types of administratum official: Field notary; Mission Confessor

There is also mention of "the Ecclesiarchy" but i am not sure whether that refers to a seperate branch of the Adeptus Terra or if it is an alternative name for it.

Did I miss any? Are there any other "official" Adeptus Terra type charcters in the Rogue Trader game? Anything that isn't there but would be fun to add? What would a leading member of the Astronomican look like (as far as I´m aware there was no miniature or artwork)?