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New to the board, so hoping this is in the right place!

So we have an old copy of Dungeonquest, plus Heroes for dungeonquest (which has some very very nice figures, I should add). However, at some stage our copy of the rulebook became a bit damaged, so was pleased to find a pdf of the rules - apparently the game is back in print with Fantasy Flight Games?

I have early memories playing my own ad-hoc versions of this game age 7-8 - solo, and with my dad; I think later on when I was getting into GW stuff in the mid-90s I played a few full games with the rules (by which time GW had apparently disowned it and I recall being told I wasn't allowed to play it in a GW shop). Anyone else played it? Or had some of the expansion packs?
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Re: Dungeonquest

A friend owned the GW Dungeonquest and I had a real love/hate relationship with it due to how hard it is to actually win the game. I love the idea of the game and it's mechanics. When you get to the dragon it's tense stuff, and legging it out before the sun goes down was also quite a challenge. But.. I spent most of my time getting frustrated with the difficulty of the game. :/ We never got the expansion packs.
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Re: Dungeonquest

Yes. I love it, it's a great game.

You need to re-set your internal "win-o-meter", getting to the dragons lair and out alive is near impossible, the best tactic is for everyone to grab whatever treasure you can and then exit alive. There is an element of "chicken" in it, seeing of far the other players will go before doing a runner. It needs multiple delves in the same session for the idea to click.

Played it recently with the wife, and while she enjoyed it we had to ad-hoc house-rule quite a lot, she's not a good loser!

I got Catacombs as well, but to be honest it's a total waste of time, and adds pointless complexity to what is quite an elegant game design. I can imagine "Heroes" would be quite fun.
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