A Field in England

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Re: A Field in England

Padre wrote:
Zhu Bajie wrote:Overall the film fell a little flat, and I'm not sure exactly what happened there, but cyclical time and/or Elysian thing going on. The scrying mirror made me wonder if "The Master" was John Dee, but should have been dead by the ECW.

Really do have to see the end now. John Dee was long dead by ECW, but perhaps he had other associates/apprentices beyond his known affiliation with Kelly. I will enjoy it, I think, just maybe not whilst drinking slightly too much red wine!

The mirror ended up in Elias Ashmoles private collection (now the Ashmolean museum), It's definitely broken in the movie tho :-)

As an aside always wondered if there was much of a relationship between warp-stone and obsidian.
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Re: A Field in England

Watched it last night and really enjoyed it despite a couple of beer induced naps in the middle. I agree with Zhu - The sound track is great. I thought Ring a Ring O' Roses was particularly creepy!

I thought all the performances were great but I've always been a big fan of Reece Shearsmith - the scene where his character is taken into the tent by O'Neil is pretty hair-raising!

The ending wasn't quite what I was expecting after all the psychedelia and alchemical goings on but all in all a brilliantly weird film!
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Re: A Field in England

About how long is it? I'm thinking about watching it after the kids go to bed, but with the day job, I can't be up all night :cry:

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