Oldhammer Art Contest II - Winners!

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Oldhammer Art Contest II - Winners!


Roll out the red carpet!

Winners of Oldhammer Art Contest II

Open Theme

We had a whole bunch of great entries, with submissions spanning from berzerk Chaos Dwarfs hunting Goblins, through Inquisitors and Chaos Warriors to Beakies and Orcs! It was very nice to see all these richly varied artworks! :)

And the winners are:







1st Place: Entry #2 - UrchinJoe!
2nd Place: Entry #4 - PantherV!
3rd Place: Entry #5 - Karak Norn Clansman!

The entry key!

01 - lgmdaniel
02 - UrchinJoe
03 - AranaszarSzuur
04 - PantherV
05 - Karak Norn Clansman
06 - ATOM

And now for the prizes!

UrchinJoe will claim one unpainted Halfling Adventurer of Ancient Times:


While PantherV will comb home an unpainted kit of 10 Ceramics of Ancient Times (actually 9; this prize is an excess casting with a missing bit):


And ATOM (scoring 4th) will carry home an unpainted 15mm kit of 3 Yri-Moss-Han:


A big "thanks" to everyone who participated and voted!

And that's it for this round of Oldhammer Art Contest, folks. There may be another one in due time, because this was lots of fun. And remember, if you like the creativity and fun generated by these kinds of contests, then you can always run your own from time to time. ;)

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Re: Oldhammer Art Contest II - Winners!

Excellent art work everyone.

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Re: Oldhammer Art Contest II - Winners!

Great work, everyone! Beautiful stuff.

Squat Power Boarder

A mercenary prone to casual violence, Trough Mac Broigum has served the psychopathic Rogue Trader Tyrel "Destroyer" Cathek for over seven decades of ceaseless voyages between distant stars. As his master has cut a bloody swathe through long-lost Human colonies and Xeno worlds alike, so has the abhuman Trough served Cathek with savage glee.

Trough Mac Broigum has participated in more xenocides and extermination campaigns than most senior Inquisitors can lay claim to, and he has often been at the forefront of the burning and slaughter. Trough leads an sabotage squad of Squat clansmen who have mastered the difficult vehicle known as the power board, a self-propelled ride capable of great leaps and even some limited flight.

The Squat power boarders are experts at striking through backstreets and narrow alleys after heavier units have opened a breach, rushing through urban mazes and space station corridors to deliver a lethal cargo of demolition charges, incendiaries, gas canisters, neurotoxins or virus bombs to soft strategic locations (such as waterworks or aeroprocessors) in the midst of population centers. Trough and his ilk will celebrate every triumph of mass civilian extermination with strong beverages, and will constantly retell their most daring feats of martial power board acrobatics in the face of enemy resistance.

Usually I base my doodles loosely on official sources at best (these fictive worlds are always best for freewheeling exploration and imagination of one's own), but this one was different. The Squat Power Boarder is a reference to three things from Book of the Astronomican: The tabards of Rogue Trader troopers, the signum of Tyrel "Destroyer" Cathek, and the power board of Stugen Deathwalker.

"Kickee Cool" on the boots was a nonsense catch-phrase which I used for a Shadowrun dwarf kickboxer during a short RPG session. I know nothing about Shadowrun, but I made said dwarf (with neon hair & beard implants, constantly shifting glowing colours) with the wacky spirit of Rogue Trader 40k in mind.



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Re: Oldhammer Art Contest II - Winners!

Wow, with such gorgeous artwork on display I definitely didn't expect first place. Thanks everyone who voted for me, I'll post the halfling on here when it's painted up!

Two of the drawings are based on D&D and Dungeon World characters played by one of my friends (far left) and me (middle). I put a lot of thought into the cosmology and history of his clan, and in the end it didn't turn out to be the kind of game where any of that mattered. The one on the right is a more generic snake man that I guess is very loosely based on a third character. They were drawn separately using slightly different equipment and technique and assembled on Photoshop.

My drawings have always been really influenced by Russ Nicholson, Ian McCaig and Martin McKenna's illustrations in Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Hopefully some of that aesthetic is coming through.

Thanks again everyone!

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Re: Oldhammer Art Contest II - Winners!

Wonderful artwork, Jos. The aesthetic inspiration is clearly there as well. Looking forward to see what you do with the halfling. :)

I'm travelling away to help my father a couple of days. Will respond to all PMs and send out prizes ASAP when back home. Sorry for the little delay.

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Re: Oldhammer Art Contest II - Winners!

Well done Jos and everyone that took part. Yours was a well deserved first place, totally old school and very much like the Fighting Fantasy artwork. It's a style that I really haven't been able to pull off.

Cheers n beers


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