Late 80's Blanche identification

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Late 80's Blanche identification

Hiya Guys.

I'm trying to locate a specific head which I;ve seen used in a lot of John Blanche's late 80's - early 90's conversions..

Does anyone have an ID on where this head came from?

Many thanks
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Re: Late 80's Blanche identification

Fimm McCool wrote:Probably a scratch-build?

It looks that way but I've seen him use that head a number of times and they're all exactly the same (apart from the thickness of the paint dulling the detail. At first I thought it was maybe a first edition daemonette with some horns grafted onto the top. I don't think it's from a citadel mini. - It appears that in the olden days the running of GW was a little more open to using parts of non gw minis in conversions. I assume John had carte 'blanche' in this regard...
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Re: Late 80's Blanche identification

If that can lead anybody on the right path, this head makes me think of the ones on the C22 Chaos Demon:

It has a sort of early Citadel space humanoid look...

Good luck with that one!
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Re: Late 80's Blanche identification

Did you manage to work out where the body came from? I seem to recall a white dwarf where John Blanche had scratch built whole miniatures

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