Chaos Armies and subbing Mini's

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Chaos Armies and subbing Mini's

Hi All

Am able to finally get back into Oldhammering again was looking through my new Ravening Hordes book (which didn't include the sample armies flyer but what can you do was nearly 40 years ago :cry: ) When I got to wondering for 2nd and 3rd edition what do you guys use as chaos thugs and marauders in your armies. Now I would love to use original mini's but cost stops me from doing that. I was thinking may be celts and ancient germans for Thugs, no idea for Marauders and gw chaos warriors for funnily enough chaos warriors. Any suggestions or maybe a range exists now that look more like the thugs from days gone by that won't cost me an arm and a leg to get a hold of.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Chaos Armies and subbing Mini's

Have you ruled out the GW plastic Marauders for use as Marauders? How about the plastic Ungor raiders for a more mutated but somewhat uniform batch of Marauders?
The Goblin Town goblins from The Hobbit game might make a nice batch of ugly mutant inbred types?

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Re: Chaos Armies and subbing Mini's

For thugs, rather than real Celts, I'd suggest Celtos Gaels


For Marauders, I'd use GW Chaos Warriors.


For Chaos Warriors, I'd use the newer God Specific GW Chaos Warriors, like the Putrid Blightknights(?) or the Khorne Bloodbound(?)



Frostgrave Ghost Archapelago Snake-Men

Frostgrave Gnolls

Lizard types ... iment.html

Fish people ... iment.html

Frog People ... troop.html

Squid people/walktapus (if you want a callback to when GW made miniatures for Runequest) ... troop.html

Horned demoney types ... iment.html

Crocodile men ... 0&catID=26

Tzeentchian ... 2&catID=17 (Might instead/also work for Khorne - dog heads) ... 5&catID=21 (Might also/instead work for Slaanesh) ... 4&catID=22 ... 1&catID=24 ... 7&catID=25 (Might also/instead work for Nurgle) ... 1&catID=28 ... 0&catID=30

For Solkan the Avenger
Make 10 his number, so take units of 10, and decide that the Gods of Law are actually Gods of Chaos, or that Law is separate, but acts functionally like it in terms of game effects.

Thugs ... 8&catID=40

Marauders ... ators-2017
I think the swords and round shield versions might also work as Slaaneshi Chaos Warriors, with the right paintjob.

Warriors ... Decimators

Maybe even a Greater Demon of Law?

I kinda always wanted the Armies of Law that they considered for a while back in the day. As messed up and scarey, perhaps even moreso, than the warriors of Chaos. Enemies of Chaos, sure, but arbitrary, vengeful, judgmental types mere mortal could never live up to.

The linked sites also include options for mounted thugs, chaos centaurs, Knights and so on.
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Re: Chaos Armies and subbing Mini's

The upcoming GW's Warcry game will come with several factions of themed marauders...

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Re: Chaos Armies and subbing Mini's

THe Frostgrave plastics range has a bunch of really cool kits, and they are 28mm so will fit with older models. THe new GW stuff has alot of "scale creep" and looks massive compared to classic models.

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Re: Chaos Armies and subbing Mini's

My Chaos army is mostly made out of non-GW minis. The chaos warrors are a blend of Grenadier (still in production in a few places, Ral Partha and some citadel finds, while the maurauders are ex-Grenadier as well. The beastmen are Black Tree Design and I have a good chunk of chaos dwarves from Cla Miniatures. It depends on which sort of aesthetic you're going for for what your thugs and such should be but historicals are a fine source of minis for this, albeit you have to be a bit careful (if you do care about it) regarding scaling.
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Re: Chaos Armies and subbing Mini's

Knightmare miniatures do a lot of Realms of Chaos inspired stuff, they just finished their 3rd Pantheon of Chaos kickstarter, and now have a decent selection of chaos types including thugs and marauders, as well as beastmen and Champions

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