What is Oldhammer?

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What is Oldhammer?

I'm new and I was wondering what is considered "Oldhammer", what is the cut-off point? Especially with 40k. Is it before 2nd edition?
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Re: What is Oldhammer?

Hello and welcome aboard!

I invite you to read that very interesting guide about "How to Oldhammer"
I think many around here can relate at some point to this article.

http://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.com/201 ... do-it.html

..and I hope 40k 2nd edition is acceptable because I have a whole thread about it! ;)
Et à ce j'ajouterai, santé!

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Re: What is Oldhammer?

Enough people consider 2nd ed 40k sufficiently Oldhammer that there’s no trouble here.

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Re: What is Oldhammer?

Me. I am Oldhammer. I was doing it in 1983 with (mostly) Prince August self-moulded armies, and I'm doing in now with anything I like. To paraphrase the Blue Lady in Dougal and the Blue Cat, "Oldhammer is beautiful, Oldhammer is best. I'm Oldhammer, I'm beautiful, I'm best!"

Next question.

PS: (Edit) I'm Spartacus too, in case you were wondering. I'm in a loincloth right now.
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Re: What is Oldhammer?

Oh, and if you need more proof than the above astounding argument, I still paint in Humbrol enamels.

(edit) Ok, I take it back. I played 1st to 3rd, then stuck with third through to 6th, for obvious reasons. So there are holes in my hammer. But that just makes it holy.

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Re: What is Oldhammer?

On the one hand, Oldhammer is some very fine t-shirts.


On the other hand, I wrote this over 8 years ago, before 'oldhammer' gained popularity, it still stands:

http://realmofzhu.blogspot.com/2011/10/ ... tract.html

You should feel free to post about whatever combination of Old & Warhammer you like.
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Re: What is Oldhammer?

I identify with Padre. Oldhammer is whatever I happen to be doing at the time :-D

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Re: What is Oldhammer?

I am oldhammer..... back in my days, we used to play with clay miniatures.

Not even kidding, how can a 13 year old afford gw products? So I made my own:) I should probably post some pictures sometime, I still have some lying around.

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