Talisman 2nd Edition Advice

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Talisman 2nd Edition Advice


I'm hoping there is a Talisman 2nd Edition fan/expert that I could ask some advice? I'm looking at buying either the Talisman Expansion Set or Adventure Expansion. I wish to only buy one as I don't want too many expansions.

Which expansion would be the best out of these two to make the game even better?

Many thanks.

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Re: Talisman 2nd Edition Advice

To be perfectly honest, I'd go with both. Neither add too much to the complexity of the game, they just expand it and offer more variation, rather than offering new maps etc that get in the way and take up space.

For reference, the Expansion gives you 14 new characters, 6 new spells, and 36 new Adventure cards, and the Adventure gives you 8 new Characters, 9 new Spells, 37 Adventure cards, 6 character sheets and the 6 alternative ending cards.

The character sheets are really useful, and the alternative endings add a fun dimension to the game, so if I absolutely, positively had to only get one, it's be the Adventure set.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Talisman 2nd Edition Advice

Thanks for the reply and the excellent advice. Food for thought.



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