Fimir and Minotaurs

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Fimir and Minotaurs

Hi All, I am building a 3rd Edition Fimir army, but using the original idea of the Fimir on 25mm x 25mm bases and the Hero's on 40mm x 40mm bases. My question is, if a 10 fimir unit in two ranks of five also has a Hero in the unit, does this mean that the unit cannot be counted as having a second rank as the Hero is placed in the center of the unit. Also in the 3rd Edition rules p.237 it says that Minotaurs are based on 25mm x 25mm bases, surely this is a printing error as all the rest of the Giant Races are on 40mm x 40mm bases. Thank you for your help in advance,

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Re: Fimir and Minotaurs

I'm pretty sure that the c25 minotaurs of the time came with 25mm square bases, the minotaur lords on the other hand were on the 40mm squares.
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Re: Fimir and Minotaurs

Yeah, the minotaurs were much smaller then. Re. the hero placement. He occupies the centre of the front rank, so to keep it at 5 models wide you just displace the extra trooper to the rear (an incomplete 3rd rank). Otherwise, yes, the front rank would be 6 so the second would not count as complete with only 5 members.

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