Where can one get these Chaos Dwarfs?

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Re: Where can one get these Chaos Dwarfs?

yeah this was a nutty time on the CDO...****ing Zonk was/is a mad man. Some how I ended up with one of his Ass cannon knock offs...it is a very strange blue Resin. Anyway...check out the CDO Facebook group...I think they were discussing this just the other day.


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Re: Where can one get these Chaos Dwarfs?

ardyer wrote:Some people get off on it. I used to know a guy who was a high school drop out that taught himself to program computers just to scam people with (in the 90s). I used to shake my head because he put to much work into it that it would have been less work to get a legitimate job with better pay!

Unbelievable. What wasted efforts!

I heard the last minis in this lost range has been brought back. And some of them are 3rd ed style! This was the picture I was mailed:


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