So how would one go about blogging?

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So how would one go about blogging?

Avoid hosting a neckbeard, as facial hair's a germ trap, :lol: and no expanding waistline, but I got opinions...

Also realized, after twenty years of being an hobbyist, I don't have much to showcase: modelling, painting and stripping, mostly stripping and not in a productive sort of way.:( Following some active blogs, I have noticed a motivational aspect to project completion in posting updates, with an organizational side effect, something definitely needed, as it's an hot mess. So how would one go about blogging? How much will it cost? What's reliable for image hosting? Any concerns about copyright or IP infringement, especially with background wallpapers - noticed images from WFB titles in many blogs' backgrounds? The last time I attempted something like this was around 1999/2000, with possibly GeoCities and either AOL or Earthlink dial-up and no idea what happened to it.

Basically, I'd like to emulate the cool kids, like Orlygg, Jaeckel, Mr. Eldritch Epistles...

Anyone know what font Saxon uses?

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Re: So how would one go about blogging?

I use Wordpress on site hosting that I pay for, however I think if I was starting now I would just use Blogger. The key advantage is that it allows better connection with other Bloggers and that is a key way of driving site traffic.

This is free, apart from the image hosting. I think people often use Photobucket, which used to be free but is just starting to charge. Basically anywhere that you can put an image will do.

Most people with a lot of GW stuff on their sites have some kind of disclaimer to indicate that no challenge is intended etc. I can't imagine there being much trouble about using images as part of a banner image collage etc. I've never heard of it happening, as long as you make it clear it's not official and it's not a commercial site.

Zhu would be the one to ask about fonts!
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Re: So how would one go about blogging?

Blogger is easy to use and free.

For image hosting use Imgur, it is easy to use and reliable, also it is free.

The only concern about copyright or IP infringement I would imagine is if you start posting entire rulesets for games etc ...

No idea about the font Saxon use.
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Re: So how would one go about blogging?

I use Blogger too, it's pretty intuitive and allows me to keep track of other blogs in an easy way, which is important to keep me focused :D . About image hosting, I tend to use Tinypic, it usually works fine. Both of them are free and never got a problem with them :)
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Re: So how would one go about blogging?

I use Blogger as well, it's free and can be connected with all the other Google goodness like image hosting and G+.

As for image hosting I just use Bloggers inbuilt image software which again is linked to G+ for ease.
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Re: So how would one go about blogging?

I just started to use Blogger last Novembre, the basic features for me are more than enough to master right now, but I see all the potential if you decide to go in a bit of HTML editing. Also I went all in, using google drive as a platform to host my pictures and do 3rd party hosting, and google image to sort everything up.

So far so good!
Et à ce j'ajouterai, santé!
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Re: So how would one go about blogging?

Thanks. You guys are awesome!

Rather tepid towards paying for something amounting to a non commercial vanity project, though don't expect quality with anything offered for free. If Blogger is as good as claimed, then I'll reassess my impression and finally have an excuse to use Google+ for more than just email.

Thought I was close figuring out the font...

Is it Old English?

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Re: So how would one go about blogging?

Yeah. Googles Blogger is the way forward.

The Saxon logo design is hand drawn lettering, It's got a lot of Art Nouveau references going on, which by the 1970s had heavily influence on the fantasy genre, maybe have a look at the typeface Arnold Boecklin (the original White Dwarf masthead, and John Normas Gor books) as a starting point.
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Re: So how would one go about blogging?

I use blogger, it’s free and easy to use... though annoyingly they have stopped supporting their iPhone app since the latest iOS update. Another benefit is that it allows me to link with other blogs such as the mighty Suber and depraved Chico
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