Citadel Combat Cards comeback...

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Citadel Combat Cards comeback...

Never was invested in them, only purchased a few 90s ones, like the Man 'O War deck as painting references, so can't say if the return of Citadel Combat Cards is good thing, but the samples look a little slick, like photo-shopped centerfolds, so lacks something.
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Re: Citadel Combat Cards comeback...

Yeah, was never a big fan of them back in the day, but it's a nice nod that they've reused the old logo.

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Re: Citadel Combat Cards comeback...

Looks like the same game mechanics as well.

Always liked the idea as a gateway product for 10 year olds to get into The HobbyTM, but wasn't my thing. If they did a Combat Cards Classics full of preslotta goodness I might be tempted. Night Elf Patrol vs. Dwarf Kings Court.
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Re: Citadel Combat Cards comeback...

When I was in grade 6 I was part of an intensive class to learn English.
Of course, we were not allowed to speak French, and since Combat Cards stats are in English, we were allowed to play it in class :lol:

The 4 little D&D, Warhammer and Warzone nerdy players that we were finally got our moment of glory, even convincing all other boys in the class to start a WFB army... yep, good days ;)

As for new sets of Combat Cards, I will go with the rest of the family, very nice introduction product for kids that show interest in the matter, but I will put my money elsewhere!
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Re: Citadel Combat Cards comeback...

I loved them as a kid, great for long car journeys. I pretty much always treated them as art cards though, so when they released 2nd edition I was still mildly interested for the 'Eavy Metal paint jobs. Third edition was awful, not at all interested in these as 'art' cards given the plastic fantastic aesthetic and poor paint jobs.

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