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Re: Introductory Scenario

Well, there is always the robots rules from 40KRT (WD 104 and one of the collected RT books, don't know which) I've used those for 'programmed undead' in the past, but they may be too complex for an intro scenario. It's a really just a straightforward flowchart generation system, plugged in to Oldhammer variables, with the inevitable point system attached. Hmm I might write that up at some point. Fog of War effects, a percentage chance to appear on each turn could work.

Then again, "hideously complex dice tables" sounds very much in the spirit of 80s gaming.
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Re: Introductory Scenario

Most of those things are covered by good honest sportsmanship, anyone willing to cheat a friend playing these games is no Oldhammerer.

Too true Erny - this may be somewhat alien to any new converts brought up on a diet of Newhammer beardiness and WAAC (Winning at all costs)! :lol:

Funny you should mention the Robot programs Zhu - I was reading that article just the other night. I like the idea of using it to control undead, although I think you're right about them being a little complex.

Then again, "hideously complex dice tables" sounds very much in the spirit of 80s gaming.

Haha, just what I was thinking!

I was after something that would retain a little of the element of surprise for a 2 player game that involved hidden forces, ambushes, random monsters, etc. Possibly dividing the table into zones with a table of possible and relevant encounters for each zone. Once enemy forces appear on the table they could be controlled by dice tables not unlike the action table for creatures suffering from stupidity, but with options such as advance on the enemy, charge or fire missile weapons and such like. The complexity would come in if you were to go down a similar line to the Robot flowcharts - is there an enemy unit in charge range? If yes roll on table A, if no roll on Table B. The flowcharts would probably be a better way of doing it though.

Could all be a bit involved but at least players wouldn't know exactly what, if anything at all, was going to ambush them and have a mechanism for controlling them.

Getting a bit ahead of the game possibly here - just wondered if it was worth putting in an article introducing folk to the role of GM and perhaps a few tips on how to play scenarios without one?

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Re: Introductory Scenario

I've been incommunicado for a bit, goofy family matters ate my head, but I should have my drawings in for this shortly... hopefully in time to make a few changes is necessary.

Just wanted to post an 'I'm not entirely dead yet' notice.

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Re: Introductory Scenario

No worries, hope all's well now.

Can't wait to see your illustrations!

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