Issue 1 : guest interview

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Issue 1 : guest interview

We did talk about having an interview of Kevin Adams, maybe we can we list and discuss here the questions we intend to ask him.

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Re: Issue 1 : guest interview

Have you seen the prices of some citadel miniatures these days, did all you guys have any idea that you were creating tomorrows dinky cars?

Do you still enjoy being called the Goblin master? Did it come from sculpting gobbos or collecting them?

Do you still check the Kev Adams challenge blog?

Have you noticed a growth in Indy miniatures commissions and has this lead, as we all would hope, to a boom time for sculptors such as yourself?

You have stated before that once a sculpt is done you forget about it (Anvil Magazine) is this still true or do you have a favourite miniature from your past?

Do you still game with miniatures or is that long gone. If you do what games?
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Re: Issue 1 : guest interview

Good ones Erny.

Here's a few of my own -

The zombies you've done for Otherworld are fantastic - what other non Goblininoid sculpts should we be looking out for from you?

Have you ever been tempted to set up a miniatures company of your own? (Correct me if he has already done so at any point!)

Has sculpting given you a decent living over the years?

What do you make of the new crowdfunding phenomena?

What advice would you give the budding sculptor of today?

What's your opinion of GW these days?

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