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Ideas for Future Issues

Having been bitten by the scenario design bug, I've come up with a few more ideas and thought I'd preview them here.

My other thought was that it would be great to include a battle report using the scenario guidelines in a future issue of the fanzine. I was thinking of maybe doing another solo game (not done one in a while) or contacting one of my local neighbourhood Oldhammerers. What with all the games being planned or written up I wondered if anyone else might like to have a go at one and provide a report.

Bluster's Last Stand - apologies to our French readers in advance! ;)

The Engines of Avalone

This last one is a more generic scenario and I haven't gone to town on creating characters or army lists for it... yet.

Bridge Over the River Whye

You wouldn't have to follow the army lists exactly of course - would probably be nice not to in a way, to show how you can adapt these scenarios to your own collections.

Let me know what you think - a good idea for the fanzine and something you might be up for?

This might also be a good showcase for the remote gaming next time around?

Anything there that captures the imaginations of our fantastic illustrators?
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Re: Ideas for Future Issues

Great stuff Thants, I am going to give a few of these a go.
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Re: Ideas for Future Issues

Let me know how you get on :)
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Re: Ideas for Future Issues

Poster, illustration, Editor, layout, article and design skills available for use if needed.
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