Post Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:54 pm

Daemon battle

I'm thinking of running a Realm of Chaos themed Daemon game.

Thoughts so far:

6x6 table.
Tzeentch vs Nurgle
MODIFIED 6th ed rules.
No actual spells- there will be a combined missile/magic phase and the "magic" will be a small deck of cards/tokens that have a range and damage on them eg 18" 1d6 S3 hits. The number of cards will decrease with the loss of your characters.
I will provide forces and scenery.
2-6 players required.
There will be no magic items for characters-instead they will all have individual profiles to speed up play.
Random conditions each turn eg: all ranged attacks halved.
Greater Daemons must fight each other first in any multiple close combat.