Post Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:45 pm

Giant 40k vehicle battle

Gauging interest and feasibility for a giant vehicle battle I'm thinking of running next year.

It would require either one of the larger tables, or two 6x4s butted together, for probably a whole afternoon. For the system, as much as the narrative potential of rogue trader is greater, I'm thinking 2nd ed would be a better fit being a bit quicker for a larger game.
I'm thinking of 4 players a side, with around 1000 points each, but without really setting any hard limits. The only limitation would be everything must be mounted or wheeled. I'd be inclined to include foot troops but only if they're in a transport. Mounted troops would be great to include too. Exodites, rough riders, boarboyz...!

In my head is orks v imperial, with giant drifts of buggies, bikes and trakks facing down squadrons of landraiders and leman russes... But it all depends who's interested and what they would want to bring along. Perhaps some eldar showing up unexpectedly to snatch some ancient artefact from the battlefield? Or an incursion of Chaos? I am sure we could concoct some kind of scenario with whatever models are available.

I would aim to supply the terrain, and 1000 or so points of orks.

What do people think? Is this do-able?