Car based carnage in the Newark Wasteland

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Car based carnage in the Newark Wasteland

Morning all.

Matt P and I have booked a 6x4 for all day Friday and we're planning to play some Dark Future. Anyone who fancies joining us is more than welcome. We can provide cars etc if you've not played before, alternatively grab your copy of White Line Fever and design yourself a gang or an op.



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Re: Car based carnage in the Newark Wasteland

Is it just the Friday you're doing this year?

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Re: Car based carnage in the Newark Wasteland

Hi Norse,

Yeah just the Friday this year, we've got the table all day so might try and link some games using the campaign rules from WD 124/125.

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Re: Car based carnage in the Newark Wasteland

America 1997
Greatest nation on earth
Population 300,000,000
National debt $17,500,000,000,000
Gas $32 a gallon.
As American society collapses there is only one thing to keep it going.

'Trump gas*, Keeping America great'

Unable to shake it's dependants on gasoline, while losing control of its highways, protecting the tanker run has become one of the most lucrative Op contracts around. Conversely a full tanker will enable a Renegade gang to dominate their territory, expand their influence and pay for the weapons they need to survive.

We're going to be running a gauntlet game which people are welcome to join. We have a boat load of cars for people to use, both Op and Renegade. However if you have your own kit or fancy converting some cars then that would be groovy too.

We’ll be using White Line Fever construction rules and cars don’t have to be WYSIWYG, just cool.
You can spend up to $100,000 on either a Sanctioned Operative (1 car), Renegade gang (2+ cars) or Bike gang (good luck to you if you choose that path).

Scenario will be rolling road based on the movement of the tanker truck. The side with the last car/bike moving under it's own power is potentially the winner. Potentially? Yes, if the truck is mobile it's a total win. If the truck is disabled but trailer is intact minor win. Trailer destroyed and nobody wins. And for all you unscrupulous Op's out there, no you can’t shoot at the tanker (Renegades have no such moral/contractual obligations).

Look forward to seeing you all and any gun covered machines of death your dangerous little minds contrive to invent.

*Trump Gas is registered trade mark of Ratcliffe Industries. Any unauthorised use will result in kittens being punched**.

** Not really.

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