Orc's Drift at BOYL

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Orc's Drift at BOYL

Hi All,

I'm aiming to attend BOYL for the first time this year (with accommodation booked and a pass obtained from the wife already!) and I'd like to run the classic Orc's Drift scenario pack. I've run this a couple of time already and have varied the force lists a little. The characters are the same, but the rank-and-file are increased. I'll also use the 8th edition core rules with 3rd edition magic and spells. This variation should make it an interesting engagement for the more experienced Warhammer players.

I have all the figures, terrain and play sheets, so I just need some willing participants to join in. There are 7 playable factions, so would any of you be interested in supporting the game? We have 3 days of gaming so we should have no problem fitting in all 4 battles and still have plenty of time to enjoy other games. Please let me know if you would be interested.


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Re: Orc's Drift at BOYL

Hi! I’d like to join in. I have the campaign set, but I’ve never played it. I have some of the Orc character models if they’re needed. Never played 8th edition though, only 3rd and 4th edition. I’ll bring my Blood Bath at Orc’s Drift badge

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Re: Orc's Drift at BOYL

Thanks Frode, you are on the list!

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Re: Orc's Drift at BOYL


A mate and I are interested in this but I'm not clear on timescales.

Do we need to commit to all 4 sessions which you have booked or
are you running it multiple times?


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