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I'm not exactly immersed in Warmaster, but it's always been something I've wanted to do and yet never quite had the chance. Would Warmaster count as suitably "oldhammer" and are there any people out there who might be thinking of hitting BOYL next year interested in a game? If not, hey, I guess it means I have to work on painting Space Fleet and Space Marine stuff instead for my inaugural attendance, huh? :D
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Re: Warmaster?

I don't see why you shouldn't do all three, what scale do you play Warmaster in? As for SpaceFleet a fair few of us have reasonably sized fleets to give you a game.

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Re: Warmaster?

Ha! I'd love to do all three, but time and space are ever foes to ambition! I'm not sure I have enough Space Fleet to give anyone a game singly, but if I'm able I'd certainly be delighted to join in with something.

I've only played Warmaster once, in 'true' scale with WM figures. I've been pushing local friends to try Warmaster with 6mm fantasy armies, which are rather more easily available with the manufacturer about 20 minutes up the road! They continue to resist my efforts, but it's only a matter of time! I should read the rules and work out how to play a couple times before next summer, huh? :D

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Re: Warmaster?

I’ll be bringing boards for Epic Soace Marine and Warmaster, so there’ll definitely be at least one person to have a game against.

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