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Community Usergroup

PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:34 am
by Admin
Not all members of the forum want to be involved in the discussions we've been having these last couple of weeks. We could argue that they simply shouldn't read the posts, but sometimes that's easier said than done. Usergroups offer us an eligible solution to this problem.

We've created a "Community members" usergroup. This is an open usergroup. This means every registered user of this forum is allowed to join/leave whenever he/she wants to. Once an user joins the "Community members" usergroup he'll will have access to the "Community" category of this forum. This is where we discuss all the boring little details nobody wants to know.

What does this usergroup bring us? Firstly, it will hide all the discussions about the forum from the public by default. Separating the fun hobby part from the technical/boring discussions. Secondly, it will eventually create a group of people who are able to make decisions efficiently and with stealth without bothering the other 90% of the forum.

How to join/leave?

Every registered user of this forum has access to his own personal "User Control Panel" located at the top-left menu. Within this "User Control Panel" users can navigate to the "Usergroups" menu. There you will see the available usergroups. The type of usergroup will determine whether or not you're able to join. Select the usergroup you want to join - in this case the "Community members" usergroup - select the action "Join selected" from the dropdown listbox at the right-bottom of the screen and select submit. Now you'll see the "Forums Discussions" forum located under the "Community" category. When you're fed up with the group, repeat the process above and select "Resign selected" instead and you'll unsubscribe the usergroup.