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Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 12:40 pm
by Scalene
Following on from some of Drew's posts on Facebook, I thought I'd post this to track feasibility/preparation.

This is the suggestion of playing the classic Battle of Jadeberry Hill, WD #94, sequel to Battle at the Farm, orks vs Crimson Fists. I'm thinking that as the Saturday and Sunday have got a lot of prospective games, this might be a Friday game. We would need a couple of players and a GM. Could probably go up to 4-6 players if there was enough interest. Table wise we need:
- Crimson Fists. I think Drew has these
- Space Orks. Drew has some, I could probably supply about 20. Original scenario has 20 plus random reinforcements. I'm imagining we would beef it up a bit so all players get at least ten models. Also I suspect the orks could do with more heavy weapons and maybe even a light vehicle.
- Civilian vehicles. Map shows 4, as these will be basically the only cover on the approach we will need at least this number. I have two suitable vehicles and could probably rustle up a few more.
- A highway. I don't have one of these, but I'm planning to make one as I've started playing Gaslands and I've seen some really cool cracked tarmac done in cork which I've just got to have a go at.
- An orchard. I don't know what Jadeberry trees look like - I always imagined them as the red and green foliaged tree in Rogue Trader (which I have tried and failed many times to track down in aquarium shops etc), but I've got stacks of tropical trees, so that's fine.
- A river edge - top of the table shows the edge of a river, but I think we could leave that off-table.
- A massive hill with a big road tunnel going into it. The scale is hard to read because like the farm map, it doesn't feel like it's to scale, but it looks like the tunnel should be 8-12" across. I don't have anything like this so that's the main thing missing right now.

So the orks don't get slaughtered by dug-in marines, the ground could be littered with plenty of craters and maybe a few hedges, walls, burnt out sheds and that sort of thing.

Re: Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 8:10 pm
by Drew Williams
I really surprised that this has not been run at BOYL already!

I had intended to put this together myself several months back, But I was only able to pain up 21 Ork Raiderz and 14 Crimson fists. I could probably pain up more if needed, but the part of the project I couldn't do, at this late hour, is to arrange for the scenery.

WE NEED one big custom hill with a tunnel entrance (roughly 3' long, with 2, 4-tier peaks), 10-15 orchard trees, 4-5 civilian vehicles including trucks, and a wide curving road. I'd suggest the ground be standard flock green. I could make these things, but couldn't bring them with me from San Francisco.

The craters you suggested would probably be very suitable as well, plus a farmers shed associated with the orchard. But I'd hold back from adding much more than that.

To increase the drama and play-time, Section Leader Huron Grimm and the City Guard could be represented by Imperial Army troops, And these are reinforced by Commander Cantor's surviving Crimson Fist marines. If asked, I'm betting Lee Morley could bring along his own raiders, which would make more than enough for Ork reinforcement rolls.

Suggestion: If anyone has a 4x4+ green flock battle matt, we might be able to drape that over some books from the Ansell library. If someone could do that, and Lee brought his Raiders, and you brought 4-5 civilian vehicles, 2-3 craters, and 1 rusty shed, and made those cork board road segments, I could provide orchard trees, a mock tunnel entrance, classic Crimson Fist miniatures, and maybe Rynnsguard (Imperial Army) as well.

Re: Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 9:13 pm
by Drew Williams

Curtis just told me that he can provide the vehicles required, and he's also good to help make the faux underzoom entrance.

I myself, could mail enough orchard trees and the battle mat itself, if no one else happens to have one to share. If I buy my own, I might slice a gap into it to meet the underzoom entrance scenery more believably.

As for the figures, I can bring Pedro Cantor and his 15 marines form Battle at the Farm scenario, to reinforce Huron Grimm's 20 Rynnsguard. That's assuming that I'm not bringing my own Ork Raiders, IF Lee should donate his for the event.

Re: Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 9:42 pm
by ramshackle_curtis
I am happy to make the underzoom entrance. Drew said to make the hill from a throw/battlemat which I think he is ordering (!) with books/boxes under. I am happy to build an underzoom entrance bit it needs to be wider than the road. Scalene if you are making the road let me know the width!

Re: Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 10:17 pm
by Scalene
Curtis - why don’t you come round and we’ll do another build. I’m not sold on the books and battle mat idea.i think this needs a custom hill. I’m inclined to use cardboard to block it out and then cover with polystyrene.maybe make it in two halves. I’ve got quite a bit of 1” thick extruded polystyrene that we could use for the tunnel entrance.

Drew - I’ve got loads of trees so don’t worry about them.

Re: Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 12:21 am
by Drew Williams
I agree that the mat/books solution (which Rick P. even suggested in the article) is a relatively poor one. But as I'm not committing more than 30 painted figures to the event, I'm in no position to ask anyone else to do more.
When I first proposed this scenario, I was planning to make the hill exactly as the diagram, and mail it ahead of myself to Tim Prow, or someone else I knew I would be visiting when I got there. But now I've run out of time for making it.

Here is an edited breakdown of the size of the Jadeberry hill piece (attached). I've no idea how much effort you'd want to put into it. But One suggestion could be to make the hill complete with the two peaks but leave the underzoom entrance as a custom-fitted accessory to fix against it. That way, you'd still have a generic hill you can use for other battles in the future. Since I was looking to drop $35 on a terrain mat, I could just as easily donate that to you for some of your time.

Like I said tho, I think we'd also need support from Lee to use his Ork Raiders collection. What I have is only enough for the Battle on the Farm, and even those need finishing touches and varnish. I can carry all the imperial forces in my luggage if I don't have to finish or bring my own orks.

Re: Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 12:48 am
by Drew Williams
Overall, the map size should be something like this....

At first I thought maybe 6 players (7 incl GM).

But if the table is going to be 4' x 4', then I doubt more than four players and a GM can attend play comfortably.

But that seems fine to me. As my biggest inspiration was that tidy McDeath table we had back in 2015.

Re: Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 6:52 am
by Scalene
I think make it in two halves, one with a generic hill and the other with the entrance in it. My biggest concern is the practicality. Normally I make hills pretty flat - less material, more realistic, easier to stand models on. In this case the hill needs to be about a 45 degree angle to get enough height for the tunnel. That implies it needs to be stepped, which is hard to make look good. As it’s meant to be agricultural, maybe it could be made to look terraced - little retaining walls and steps although that would significantly complicate the build. The orchard area in particular is likely to be used for fighting over but it’s a steep hill covered in trees - do trees need to slot into holes etc.

I’m inclined to use quite a bit of artistic licence to make it a more practical shape to build and game on. On the other hand I like the idea of faithfully reproducing the original.

Re: Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 12:19 pm
by Scalene
On the orc front, I've got:
- The original box (about 17)
- The LE first space orc
- Another three or so RT orcs
- Five from my "Orc Invader Kickstarter"

About 25 in all, but I can get more of my own sculpts cast up if we need to make up the numbers (so basically Lee's forces aren't a necessity).

I've also got some RTB01 marines unpainted/on sprue which could be pressed into service as Crimson Fists if we are short.

Re: Jadeberry Hill

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 7:25 pm
by Drew Williams
I have TONS of old metal, but I'm running out of time to finish painting it.

I have over 30 original 1987 metal Beakies with metal backpacks. 17 of which are painted Crimson Fists and ready to go.
I have over 40 original 1987 Imperial Army figures. 19 of which are strictly the Aly Morrison ones, and 1/2 painted up as Rynnsguard.
I have over 40 original 1987 Orks and Ork Raiders. Only 20 of which are half painted.

So we aren't short on figures... just time. If I had these all polished off, then I'd jump right into making Jadeberry Hill myself. Since yesterday I had put away my orks and started polishing up the 19 Rynnsguard and 17 Fists.

Y'know, we COULD just postpone Jadeberry Hill and work on nailing the Battle at the Farm instead. It's also a 4 x 4 map (attached), but with a much simpler hill. I could guarantee a handsome collection of figures ready for that. And you guys could focus on a sweet board for it. In my head I imagine that tidy McDeath table from 2015', with the custom flocked terrain, and shallow rises. I don't think anyone has build a dedicated Battle at the Farm board before. Not even the guys at GW when making the rules.

With your skills, you could make the farm look BETTER than the one on the RT book. ;)

We could talk about expanding into Jadeberry for 2019 while in person at BOYL. Much less hassle.

Food for thought.