BOYL 2018 Thanks

Everything related to Bring Out Your Lead 2018, at Wargames Foundry in Nottingham

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Post Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:22 pm

BOYL 2018 Thanks

Good to see all you guy's

Thanks for a very pleasant weekend in good company. 8-)

All the best

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Re: BOYL 2018 Thanks

I'll echo this. It was my first BOYL and I had a cracking weekend, thank-you to all concerned.


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Re: BOYL 2018 Thanks

Just like Genghis said, I was a first timer this weekend - had a fantastic time, lots of games and great people. Particular thanks of course to the Ansell family for being such amazing and generous hosts.
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Re: BOYL 2018 Thanks

Yes, I had a SUPER great time, thanks to everyone who joined in on the Helsreach board. Ill be posting up my images probebly over th enext week.

Thanks also to all the folks who I had a good old chat with! David/Ghengis and Zoglet added a whole load to my weekend of fun!
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Re: BOYL 2018 Thanks

Seconded (forthed?). On the one hand it seems like BOYL has some magic that needs to be bottled. I'm guessing though that actually it's all the hard work that goes into organising it, and the brilliant obsessions that build tables like Rigg's Shrine and Helsreach, that the great spirit of the weekend flows from.

To all of you, thanks for a great weekend.

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Re: BOYL 2018 Thanks

Always great to game/drink/stare at figures with everyone, see you all again next year!

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Re: BOYL 2018 Thanks

that was my second BOYL and even better than the first one. can't wait for part three! thank you all!
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Post Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:21 am

Re: BOYL 2018 Thanks

Thanks to everyone that organised and contributed to yet another really successful event.
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Post Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:20 pm

Re: BOYL 2018 Thanks

A big thanks for the organisers of the BYOL event. It was my first BYOL and I had a great time.

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Re: BOYL 2018 Thanks

Just got round to registering on here. It was my first visit to BOYL this year and what an amazing event! Thanks so much to everyone involved.
I was just a spectator this time but hopefully next year will be bringing an army along.
Speaking of which if anyone has any kev adams space orks in the attic they don't want anymore then give me a shout...

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