Adventure in Space Darkest Africa!

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Adventure in Space Darkest Africa!

So this game came out of a conversation Matt P and I had at BOYL 2017. It's an homage early Rogue Trader when the idea was to game with whatever figures came to hand. Matt and I raided the racks at Foundry and for BOYL 2018 hope to present:

'Encounter on Livingstone' or 'In Space Darkest Africa No One Can Hear You Scream!'

A game of Mysterious Entity and African Tribesmen vs Robot Scarecrows and Cyber Gladiators vs Religious Fanatics vs Tech Zouaves vs Halfling Pirates. In Spaaaace !!

The story so far...

Livingstone is a near death world deep in the South Eastern fringe of the Imperium, far from the light of the Astronomican. It is home to various carnivorous and poisonous flora and fauna and also a small tribal human population. Imperial scholars are currently at a loss to explain their presence; no records exist of the planet or any colonisation efforts in the area.

Rogue Trader Alphonse Castro-Labré discovered the world and sent an Adeptus Mechanicus team (led by Dr Constance Livingstone) to carry out a detailed survey. Livingstone has subsequently named the planet after himself. However a powerful entity of unknown origin has appeared and many of the local tribes have fallen under its sway. They have laid siege to the Mechanicus base and Dr Livingstone has been forced to send for help.

The factions:
 The Master – a powerful entity of unknown origin.
 The Tribe of Mü – local humans enslaved by the entity known as ‘The Master’.
 The tribe of Zun – local humans not under the sway of The Master.
 Research team Livingstone – Mechanicus research team besieged in their base.
 Inquisitor Antonius B’lair – A puritanical fanatic.
 Inquisior Stanlius Ezquerra – A radical Inquisitor.
 Fungovian Pirates – Halfling space pirates: no doubt up to no good…

Each faction will have secret objectives based on their back story. Hopefully this will lead to interesting situations, such as to some groups trying to help others who are trying to kill them lol.

Players so far are Matt P, Mat S, Chris H and myself. Photos to follow as we build scenery and paint models :D
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Re: Adventure in Space Darkest Africa!

This sounds great. I would like to play if it doesn't clash with anything else - can I provisionally put myself down?

Is this desert or jungle? Either way I should be able to assist with scenery.

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