BOYL 2016- silly games of Chaos warbands?

Everything related to Bring Out Your Lead 2016, at Wargames Foundry in Nottingham

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Re: BOYL 2016- silly games of Chaos warbands?

Bane wrote:
VanLoon wrote:Many thanks for running the game Bane.

It was a pleasure to play in - great models and great terrain.

Thanks to you Greg, Ian and Steve (weismonsters) for bringing such stunning models and a fun attitude to the table, it made for such an enjoyable game, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I've written up a report if anyone's interested, hopefully I've been accurate in my recollections of the game:
http://thelostandtheverydamned.blogspot ... t.html?m=1

Great report! Really nice narrative and fantastic minis. Shame I missed this, but too busy playing Advanced Hero quest... You guys seemed to really enjoy it. Mark's scenery is lovely, unfortunately we didn't take any photos either!

I didn't connect that you (Stuart) were Bane. Are you the chap that did all that great mutant villager stuff? If I'd have known that I would have bugged you to bring it all...
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Re: BOYL 2016- silly games of Chaos warbands?

It was a really fun game played in good spirit by all. Thanks to Bane for being GM.

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