Post Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:56 pm

KS: Tower Miniatures Kickstarter

Hello Everybody at Oldhammer
Sorry if I have just jumped in and posted but one of our backers really recommended your site.

So we are Tower Miniatures, we are a startup based in the UK and we have launched a Kickstarter based on the common troll.
if anyone is an Orc and goblin player and want to increase there Green ranks please check out our Kickstarter. ... dge-trolls?


Our campaign is based on the life cycle of the troll and both of our reward miniatures show trolls at different points of age with the theory if nothing kills a troll they just keep getting bigger and bigger...

We have an early bird pledge the troll swarm which gives ten monstrous trolls and the Wrecking troll.

The Troll hunting Pack

Wrecking Troll

So we don't have repeating models we will be releasing arms and head swaps as stretch goals or free add-ons in what we call the "Bitz Pit".


Thank you for reading and please comment on what you think.