Kickstarter Announcement: It's official, The Forgotten Tomb

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Kickstarter Announcement: It's official, The Forgotten Tomb


Welcome to The Forgotten Tomb

A print and play tile set packed with all the rooms and corridors you need for your next tabletop adventure. The set includes a comprehensive selection of tiles so you can build your dungeons as big or small as you want them to be.

Here's some pics to wet your appetite:

Large 2.5D dungeon.

Build the dungeons that you want to play.

Sprawling mega dungeon with no foam core backing.

Here's what's included so far:

So many tiles!


18 Unique Rooms

Over 40 Colour Variant Rooms

4 Multi Part Room Sections

Over 50 Corridor Sections

Single and Double Wide Doors

*Plus any and stretch goals or additions gained over the course of the campaign.


And the best bit, besides supporting a fellow tabletop gamer, is that the pledge is only $6 for everything! No confusing tiers or sneaky "add-ons", just one pledge to rule them all. The rewards will come in two flavours: PDF and DOCX. PDF for those that just want to hit print and start building and DOCX for those that want to customize there print. The DOCX files will allow backers to make the most of their ink and paper, by deleting the tiles they don't want and duplicating the ones they do want. The DOCX format also allows you to tweak the layout so every page is packed with tiles.

Stretch Goals

For every $100 over the funding goal we'll be adding additional multi-part rooms. Our next two stretch goals at $250 and $500, which will add gooey slime tiles and flooded tiles respectively.

Campaign Start and end dates

We launched on 9/14/17 and the closing date is 10/13/17.

Who is Red Leaf Games?

Red Leaf Games is small independent games company with big ideas. This is our first kickstarter, and if all goes well we hope to make it the first of many. We've already hit our funding goal for the Forgotten Tomb but we still need your help, the community's help. The success of a kickstarters all depends on word of mouth, and it's people like us and our community that have made so many games and game accessories a reality by a quick post here or a tweet there. So swing on by, show some support and spread the word.

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Re: Kickstarter Announcement: It's official, The Forgotten T

Less than a week remaining

We blew threw our funding goal and have just one week remaining in the campaign.

Here's everything that's been unlocked so far:

Slime Filled Corridors and Rooms.


Flooded Corridors and Rooms.


16 New Multi-part Tiles for Building Custom Rooms.


Colour Varaints for Corridors


Plus Bonus Rooms and Modular Walls


The campaign closes on October 13th, don't miss out!

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