Post Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:17 am

(Kickstarter) Lawgiver Bust and Limited Edition figure



Hey, Guys and Gals! We are pleased to present a preview of our Unmasked Kickstarter video and campaign to our Facebook friends. The video shares the details of the Lawgiver bust as well as the limited edition 30 mm Lawgiver figure. By sharing this video and helping generate activity on the Kickstarter campaign, we are offering a bonus to our Facebook friends:
If you would like the opportunity to win a Limited Edition 30mm Lawgiver figure here are the easy steps to do so. We need your help to get the word out about our Kickstarter campaign, "Unmasked."
To celebrate our first Kickstarter we will be giving away 10 Limited Edition Lawgiver figures to our Facebook friends. We will produce it and ship it to you for free worldwide.

Here are the steps to be eligible to win:
- Like this "Unmasked" video post and the Chronicles of the Wayfarer page
- Comment and share this video post
- Tag your friends

If a friend you tag wins because they liked and shared the video, then you win too. The more friends you tag the more opportunity to win you will have. We will only be giving 10 figures away so it could be 5 drawn and 5 tagged or 10 drawn but only 10 figures in total will be given away. Each person can only win a single figure.

Except for this Kickstarter, the Lawgiver Limited Edition 30mm will never be available for sale. This is one of your rare opportunities to receive a very special model for free.
The giveaway will end when the Chronicles of the Wayfarer page has 500 likes or the Kickstarter ends. Our intent is to start the Kickstarter on the morning of the 13th and it will run for 15 days. You can find our Kickstarter campaign using a simple search with the following terms: Chronicles of the Wayfarer, Lawgiver, Unmasked. We appreciate your help making this project grow.
John Boyd