[KS] Goetia inspired Demon minis!

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[KS] Goetia inspired Demon minis!

Hell Awaits... Wave 5 - This time featuring some Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia inspired Demons


Here's the link to the Kickstarter for anyone who might be interested:

Hell Awaits... Wave 5

Thanks for looking!
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Re: [KS] Goetia inspired Demon minis!

Reminds me of times spent plowing through the Lemegeton and the Testament of Solomon...
If you're really interested in the reality behind those guys, I'd like to recommend the readings of Edgar Cayce as some seriously enlightening reading material; specifically as pertains to the Sons of Belial and the true prehistory of this planet. Those who can get over themselves long enough to withhold judgement until they have assimilated the information and its vast implications, not to mention frightening correlations in every corner of human history, will come away far wiser than most people walking this earth.
Astonishingly great books on that topic include the archaeological texts Ancient South America, and Mound Builders by Gregory L. Little, John Van Auken, and Lora Little.
They will enlighten you about who these guys from Paracas, Peru were:
(That embryo on the right was found inside a pregnant female mummy, so there goes the skull boarding explanation, btw.)
Many websites out there are pushing these images as part of the alien visitation disinformation campaign, but don't listen to that BS, it's UN propaganda. They're trying to conceal the spiritual origins of these beings so the general public won't find out that certain paranormal entities are actually real.
But anyway, back to your miniatures. Yes, they're lovely. Post some more photos when you get a chance.
- James

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